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Bamboo Floors are incredibly durable and even stronger than most hardwoods. Made using strand woven bamboo, Bamboo Flooring is harder than most popular timber flooring including iron bark, spotted gum, brush box and jarrah. The result is an environmentally friendly product that has the look and feel of traditional timber flooring, but with unrivalled performance and at a competitive price. 

Bamboo Flooring is pre-finished with six UV coatings, requires no further sanding or finishing and comes in a range of contemporary colours to match any interior. The six UV topcoats are scratch resistant and help block harmful rays from the sun to protect the bamboo floor from fading over time.

Installing Bamboo Flooring is quick and easy, has no toxic fumes and causes minimal disruption to the homeowner. Bamboo Floors are available in
traditional tongue and groove, strip flooring and comes in either 92 mm  or 154mm wide floorboards. These can be installed as a DIY floating floor solution or direct stick to your concrete or sub floor.
There are two colours avaiable: Light Sand / Natural
                                                           Amber / Caramel
Both these colours are available in two different looking boards. There are two ways in which they are constructed, horizontal and vertical - both these give a different look to the flooring. Have a look below at the diagram to get an idea of the difference.


Bamboo Flooring is an attractive alternative to hardwood floors as the product is sourced from the forests of a fully sustainable, environmentally friendly and rapidly growing renewable resource. Naturally self-generating, bamboo grows to maturity within five years and is regarded as the strongest wood plant on earth. With forest resources under continued environmental pressure, Bamboo Flooring is a natural selection for your next building project.

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